Qatari businessmen keen on investing in Egypt

Exhibition “Amr Ya Masr” Inaugurated by Bin Tawar:

Diverse investment opportunities at the exhibition, with high demand for real estate Al-shirawi: We prioritize credibility in presenting investment opportunities Maddakar: Unique investment opportunities and major real estate companies at the exhibition Wednesday, January 30, 2013 Written by Abdullah Muhammad: The “Amr Ya Masr” exhibition for Egyptian real estate investment was inaugurated yesterday, Wednesday, in Qatar. The exhibition is organized by Al-shirawi Group and hosted at the Radisson Blu Hotel, with the participation of around 22 major Egyptian real estate companies. The exhibition was inaugurated by Mr. Mohammed Bin Tawar Al-Kuwari, Deputy Chairman of the Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Mr. Mohammed Hamad Al-shirawi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al-shirawi Group, along with a large number of businessmen and prominent figures. Mr. Mohammed Bin Tawar Al-Kuwari, along with Mr. Mohammed Hamad Al-shirawi, toured the exhibition’s sections, where they were briefed on the various projects presented by Egyptian companies. These projects represent a selected range of distinguished real estate projects that offer multiple investment options and provide real investment opportunities for Qataris, Egyptians, and residents in Qatar to own residential and tourist units in the Arab Republic of Egypt, whether for housing or investment purposes.

Mr. Bin Tawar Al-Kuwari stated in a press statement on the sidelines of the opening that the exhibition distinguishes itself by presenting a large number of investment opportunities for both Egyptian and Qatari investors. He noted that the Egyptian real estate market has a long history in tourist resorts and the real estate sector.

Al-Kuwari praised the organization of the exhibition, considering that the participating companies were carefully selected, adding value to the investors and expanding the choices available. He emphasized the exhibition’s availability of investment opportunities in various real estate and tourism sectors.

He stated that the Egyptian-Qatari investment convergence is significant, and Qatar seeks to support Egypt. Qatari businessmen are keen on investing in Egypt, considering that Egypt’s stability reflects positively on all Arab countries. He also pointed out that Qatari investment in Egypt enjoys significant consensus from both sides.

Safe investment opportunities

Regarding the Qatari real estate market, the Deputy Chairman of the Chamber explained that the Qatari real estate market is strong, and there is still high demand for real estate, even at high prices.

Mohammed Hamad Al-shirawi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al-shirawi Group, stated that his company always ensures credibility in presenting investment projects, which yield positive returns for investors and the investing countries. Real estate investments have been and continue to be a safe investment vehicle that regains its appeal and increases in value, especially with the growth of economies in the countries where investments are made, regardless of the political and economic conditions. He pointed out that Egypt has proven over the years its ability to continue growing and revive its economy, regardless of any political or economic disruptions. Egypt benefits from investments from Arab and foreign capital flows, as well as Egyptian capital from expatriates and those seeking available investment opportunities in their country.

Regarding the current situation of the Egyptian economy and the decline in the value of the Egyptian pound against the US dollar, Al-shirawi stated that, personally, he believes that just as challenges present opportunities, crises also present other opportunities. The current economic situation in Egypt was expected by top financial and economic analysts worldwide, as the costs incurred by the Egyptian economy due to the Arab Spring revolution and its aftermath were expected to burden even larger countries than Egypt… This applies to all countries that have gone through similar circumstances. However, the support received by the Arab Republic of Egypt, especially from its Arab brothers, particularly the Gulf Cooperation Council countries and Qatar specifically, whether through direct or indirect investments, deposits, and loans, reaching billions of US dollars, is considered the key to the upcoming era of Egypt’s economic history if utilized optimally to develop its natural resources in various sectors. The continuity of Arab capital inflows through private sector investments in various sectors will drive its economy once again, enhancing the value of these investments in the long and medium term. These investments are a golden opportunity for the Egyptian brothers to support their country.

Al-shirawi explained that the projects showcased at the exhibition, as a whole, are existing projects that the developing companies have been working on for several years. Therefore, the sale prices of these units were priced in previous periods, and the current exchange rate decline allows the opportunity to purchase these units at much lower prices than what clients would have paid before the exchange rate decline. When the value of the Egyptian pound recovers in the future, the value of the units purchased in these projects will also increase. This means added value to the investments made by the clients.

Al-Shirawi added that this exhibition is being held for the second time after the January revolution, and it is a specialized exhibition in the Egyptian real estate sector, responding to the desires of the clients. He noted the great turnout, especially after the success of the first edition, and mentioned that there are other exhibitions that the company looks forward to organizing in the near future to serve other segments of the Qatari and Gulf societies.

Al-Shirawi thanked the Deputy Chairman of the Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry for inaugurating the exhibition and his continuous support to the private sector in Qatar. He also expressed his gratitude to the Tourism Authority for their continuous support and their prominent role in the success of various exhibitions and conferences held in Qatar, as well as their support to the companies involved in organizing exhibitions. Mohammed Munir Maddakar, the organizer of the exhibition and strategic partner of Al-Shirawi Real Estate Development Group, stated that the group has been organizing its local exhibitions since 1991, about 22 years ago, and they have a lot of experience and a good reputation in Egypt and the Gulf countries. This is why the General Union of Egyptian Chambers of Commerce pledged to market and organize the Egyptian real estate pavilion in the Egyptian Products Exhibition in 2006 and 2007. We achieved great success, and in 2012, we organized the first specialized Egyptian real estate exhibition in collaboration with Al-Shirawi Group for their exclusive agencies. After achieving significant success, we organized the second edition, and Maddakar revealed several unique investment opportunities at the exhibition, including a distinguished group of major real estate companies.

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