Promoting International projects

Since its establishment in 2009, the company has successfully marketed a diverse range of international real estate projects to its clients in Qatar. The marketing and real estate brokerage activities for external projects have witnessed remarkable success. The company has entered into marketing agreements with various real estate developers from different countries with the aim of meeting the investment needs of individuals interested in overseas investments, whether in residential, tourist, residential land, or agricultural units. These projects are located in different countries such as the Arab Republic of Egypt, the Republic of Turkey, Bosnia, Spain, Sudan, Morocco, Greece, and Cyprus. Al-shirawi Real estate W.L.L acts as a real estate intermediary to market projects for major international real estate developers and promotes their projects within Qatar.

The company also organizes real estate exhibitions and participates in various real estate events to promote the projects it markets. This belief stems from the understanding that real estate exhibitions are the best way to bring together representatives of real estate development companies, for whom we act as intermediaries to market their projects in the Qatari market to interested investors. Exhibitions provide customers with the necessary information to make comprehensive and informed investment decisions. Therefore, we have taken the initiative to regularly organize specialized real estate exhibitions for the projects we market. These exhibitions provide our valued clients with the opportunity to meet with representatives and officials from the development companies and directly communicate with them. The company also utilizes the best available real estate marketing tools to reach the target customer segments for each project, ensuring alignment with the unique nature of each property project being offered.

For more information about our global real estate project marketing services, please contact us via phone or email.

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