Engineer Jassim Mohammed Al-shirawi: The Plan Attracts New Investments

Engineer Jassim Mohammed, a writer and economic analyst, stated that the decision will contribute to revitalizing trading activity in the Qatari real estate market and driving the country’s economic development.

He added that implementing the decision in the Qatari real estate market has become necessary, given the remarkable progress the country has witnessed in various political, social, and economic fields over the past years, along with an increase in commercial activities and the growth of strategic and developmental projects. This supports the government’s plans to diversify income sources and achieve the aspirations of wise leadership for the year 2030.

He further explained that the proper implementation of the decision will attract new investments and create additional liquidity in the local economy. Consequently, there will be opportunities to recycle these investments and liquidity within the economy, leading to sustained growth rates for the local economy, new businesses, and gains for various economic sectors.

Jassim Mohammed stated that allowing foreigners, especially residents in the country, to own or lease properties will enable them to invest a portion of their savings in the Qatari real estate market instead of transferring them abroad. This will stimulate the real estate market and reduce the availability of units in various real estate projects, especially in modern cities like Lusail and others. This positive impact will be reflected in the volume of economic activities in the country through an increase in the volume of banking activities, the activation of contracting and real estate development companies, engineering offices, real estate brokers, and various commercial and service activities. Consequently, new job opportunities will be created for citizens and residents in the country.

He emphasized that the decision achieves its social benefits by creating a sense of stability for foreign residents in the country, encouraging them to increase their investments and interests in the local market. Additionally, it can provide stability for foreign professionals from various fields and occupations residing in the country, thereby contributing to the continued urban expansion of the state.

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