Al-shirawi: Exclusive Agent in Qatar for Turkish Real Estate Projects

The Real Estate Marketing Department of Al-shirawi Investment and Real Estate Development Company, a subsidiary of the Al-shirawi Group, announced the signing of several marketing agreements for a group of Turkish real estate projects. These projects include distinguished properties in Istanbul, Yalova, and Bursa, in addition to marketing residential and touristic lands in Yalova.
Mr. Mohamed Hamad Al-shirawi, Chairman of the company, stated that the success of signing these marketing agreements with leading Turkish real estate development companies is an extension of the company’s vision and aspirations to become the top destination in Qatar for those interested in investing in the real estate sector outside of Qatar. Today, the company serves as the exclusive marketing agent in Qatar for several major global real estate development companies, including companies from Egypt, Lebanon, and the United Arab Emirates. Additionally, alliances and partnerships with companies in countries such as Greece, the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Bosnia (Sarajevo), are being studied and negotiated for projects in other countries.

Al-shirawi added that Turkey is now considered a promising market for trade in Europe as a whole, in line with its rapid progress, accelerated economic growth, and increased international interest in the country as a regional hub for foreign companies and incoming tourism.

He pointed out that Istanbul serves as a business center in Turkey due to its excellent location and its unique blend of Arab and Western culture, making it the third-largest tourist attraction in the European continent. It attracts tourists for various purposes, including entertainment, medical tourism, cultural tourism, and investment.


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