80 projects at the “Amar Ya Masr” exhibition.

“Al-Shirawi Group,” the organizing body of the “Amar Ya Masr Real Estate Investment Exhibition” and the exclusive representative of major Egyptian real estate companies in Qatar, announced its selection of Qatar Airways to be the official carrier for the participants in the exhibition. The exhibition commenced on Wednesday, April 4, 2012, at 5:00 PM and lasted for four days at the Ramada Doha Hotel.

Al-Shirawi Group showcased over 80 different real estate projects, developed and owned by 22 different Egyptian real estate companies. More than 75 representatives from participating Egyptian companies attended the exhibition, allowing customers to directly engage with company representatives face-to-face to discuss and inquire about their desired properties, whether for investment purposes or personal use, ensuring a smooth purchasing process.

Mr. Mohammed Hamad Al-Shirawi, Chairman of the company, expressed his honor that Qatar Airways was the official carrier of the exhibition and supporter of the real estate investment exhibition in Egypt. He highlighted the significant value of these investments, amounting to billions of dollars, which reflects the strong relationship between Qatar and Egypt and emphasizes their commitment to economic and joint investment cooperation.

Qatar Airways, as the official carrier, transported more than 75 participants representing 22 Egyptian real estate companies to the “Amar Ya Masr Real Estate Investment Exhibition.” This support exemplifies Qatar Airways’ dedication to supporting Qatari-Arab relations with Egypt and its commitment to backing national companies, providing them with facilitations and sponsoring their events. The collaboration between Qatar and Egypt fosters mutual cooperation and strengthens economic and investment exchanges, while also encouraging exhibitions and conferences tourism in Qatar.

The exhibition was also sponsored by City Light Construction and Development Company, a participant in the exhibition, Millennium Chauffeuring Car Rental Company, a Qatari company operating in the car and bus rental field, Fastec Qatar for Concrete Works, an active Qatari construction company in Qatar.

Source: Al-Raya.

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